Naledi Copenhagen

Naledi Copenhagen is a luxury accessories brand with a passion for classic style and exclusive materials. Our design DNA is a fusion of simplicity, beautiful colours, high quality and sustainability. Our bags are elegant, discreetly luxurious creations, inspired by personal sense of style. The the brand was founded by Ukrainian Natalka Hansen, based in Denmark, and Italian Mary Sini, based in Cape Town and London.

Naledi Copenhagen is designed in Denmark, and made with love by a curated network of artisans around the world, from Cape Town to Milan, from Kashmir to Alicante. When choosing our manufacturers we give the preference to small artisan studios, who share our vision of sustainable luxury. The same applies to our choice of materials and leathers. We travel the world to find the best of the best, always setting quality, service and trust above price. Knowing personally the people who make our products, their stories and aspirations, is hugely important and fills our work with a lot of meaning and joy.

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